This is the official website of Comedian Bryan Dey (Cool,huh?)

the story

Bryan Dey was born in San Antonio (Texas, if you don't have a map). While he was very young his parents divorced.  Luckily, his parents "banged" a lot (his words) so he had three brothers to split the pain and trauma with (aka comedy). Bryan learned that comedy and jokes made the hardships in life easier to cope with at a much earlier age than most. Bryan always knew he wanted to be an entertainer so he acted and did voice-over work as a kid/early teen. Having appeared in dozens of commercials and voice-overs for Nickelodeon, he felt he found his calling in acting. So naturally he said “f*ck school” (his words) and at 19 packed up his VW and drove to L.A. with nothing more than his clothes and Seinfeld DVD collection. He arrived and quickly found his footing filming multiple short films, commercials and becoming a member of  SAG/AFTRA.  Something was wrong though --- it just didn't feel right. Bryan enjoyed making people laugh and felt that waiting for a comedic role in acting was not enough. He believed there had to be another way. Remembering as a kid how he would watch Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy RAW for hours, at the age of 21 he performed his first open mic.

Since that day, Bryan has toured as a feature act all over the country (Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory Hollywood/Long Beach, The Comedy Store, Harvey's Comedy Club Portland, San Jose Improv, Ontario Improv, Addison Improv, and El Paso Comic Strip to name a few). Bryan recently wrote for CBS Diversity Showcase and currently co-hosts a Podcast called Knuckles and Chuckles. When he is not performing around the country he can be seen around Los Angeles performing nightly at various clubs and venues turning childhood trauma into adult laughter.